"Sell online and secure your future in real estate"

Real estate is changing. Buyers and sellers are demanding more convenience, access, transparency and bigger results than ever before.

With real estate transactions bookended by online advertising and electronic conveyancing, if you’re not offering end-to-end online sales, you’re not giving your agency the tools it needs to remain competitive and successful in the future.

EAC is pleased to introduce Sale Ezy online sales and auctions, Australia’s first and most cutting-edge, end-to-end online sales and auction platform. Streamline your sales, offer clients what they demand, and secure your place in the future of real estate.

What is Sale Ezy?

Sale Ezy is not a real estate agent, it is an innovative end-to-end online auction and sales platform designed to harness the momentum of auction and capitalise on the broad reach of the internet.

Offering a progressive auction style with an initial Best Offer period that transitions into Final Call, it enables real estate agents to meet increasing client demands for convenience, access, transparency and bigger and better results.

Developed by a team of real estate, marketing, IT and legal experts, Sale Ezy simplifies the listing process, streamlines the selling process, focuses on compliance, and improves bidder participation by removing geographic and other logistical restrictions. Sale Ezy — end-to-end online sales — is the next inevitable step in real estate.

With Sale Ezy you get online auction and more




‘Best Offer’


Open House RSVP


Online Q and A


Full support

Benefits of Sale Ezy

Real estate is changing and if you don’t evolve with it, you will be left behind. Sales are now bookended in online promotion and electronic conveyancy; end-to-end online sales are the inevitable way of the future!

Every agent can be a successful auctioneer… without ever leaving the office or standing up in front of crowds. Auctioneers can hold several auctions at once, selling multiple properties at auction in one morning

All buyers and vendors are subject to multiple real-time ID checks prior to using Sale Ezy to buy, or to have agents sell on their behalf

Bids can be made from anywhere in the world with the click of a button, increasing your potential buyer audience

Every agency is allocated a dedicated support partner to be on-hand with guidance and assistance

Sale Ezy’s system is designed to be easy to use for agents and buyers

Sale Ezy Pricing Packages


Single Auction
1 auction
Number of auctions : 1
Access to Best Offer : until sold
Commitment: 1 auction
Single Subscription
1 auction per month
Number of auctions: 12 per annum
Auctions rolled: 2
Commitment: 12 months
Double Subscription
2 auctions per month
Number of auctions: 24 per annum
Auctions rolled: 3
Additional auctions: 18% off single auction

Sale Ezy offers several great subscription packages as well as single auctions.
To find out more, contact Sale Ezy on 1300 662 013 or email hello@saleezy.com.au.

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To learn more about the benefits of Sale Ezy or to find out about the other ways we can help you grow your business speak to a team member on 1300 137 161.